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**I get a lot of questions as a coach that are out of my scope. Where there are full active injuries, I can not help you, but I know someone who can. I highly recommend Dr. Christiana Marron in Fort Lauderdale.**


Dr. Christiana Marron

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dry Needling Certified
Graston Technique Specialist
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Certified ACE Personal Trainer

Dr. Christiana Marron is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who graduated from the New York Institute of Technology Class of 2016. She was awarded the Benjamin Morey Commitment to Excellence Award when graduating from the New York Institute of Technology Doctoral Program the same year she went into remission from Breast Cancer. She now owns one of the most select physical therapy settings in downtown Fort Lauderdale just minutes away from Las Olas Blvd, providing services to many people from all across the United States. Dr. Marron has also had a multitude of different professional athletes and work conditioning patients who have traveled out of state to seek her professional advice as well as treatment.

Dr. Christiana has been practicing Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine since 2016. In 2017, she opened up her first private outpatient office and works alongside many Strength & Conditioning coaches with their clients and professional athletes. As a previous strength and conditioning coach, long-distance runner, powerlifter, and Nationally Qualified Women’s Figure Competitor, Christiana understands the patients’ desires to compete, set goals and achieve them. She has worked with patients of all ages and abilities who have experienced orthopedic and neurological injuries — including NFL Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, and Oakland Raiders athletes, XFL professional football athletes, professional UFC, Bellator and PFL MMA fighters, Professional Boxers ranked from the WBA, Nationally Ranked Raw USAPL Powerlifters, USPA Powerlifters, IFBB/NPC Bodybuilders, and the list goes on.

In 2015 Christiana served alongside Dr. Michael Camp at Bethpage Physical Therapy in Bethpage, NY while completing her professional career at New York Institute of Technology and his training camp for professional boxer Chris Algieri’s WBO boxing fight against Manny Pacquiao.

In 2014 she worked alongside Dr. Carlo de Castro at NYU Langone in New York, New York with a cognitive-behavioral therapist for integrating the biopsychosocial model with patients dealing with chronic lower back and neck pain. She has had the unique opportunity to learn that successful functional outcomes require the unique combination of skilled PT intervention, consistent communication amongst her patients, therapists, and board physicians as well as consistent patient compliance with performing his or her individualized home educational program.

During her undergraduate career in 2012, she worked alongside Dr. Keith Schillo at the State University of Oneonta in Oneonta, NY in publishing a double-blind scientific study on the Effects of Wheat Grass Juice and Blood Oxygenation Pre/Post Cardiovascular Exercise.

In her spare time, she enjoys working out alongside her soul mate Christopher Dyer, taking their puppy Chloe to the beach and the park as well as enjoying the South Florida sunshine and warm weather.

Let’s Work Together

Instagram: drchristianamarron
Facebook: Dr. Christiana Marron, PLLC

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